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Back to Basics - Dr. Judson Cornwall (BT105)

This course is a primer for understanding the Bible doctrines that shape and motivate our Christian living. It is easy for new converts to embrace our responses to God without understanding why we respond the way we do. We must know the fundamental truths that produced our faith. Until these foundational concepts are clear, a richer understanding of God’s Word will be difficult, if not impossible, to grasp.

Title - Back to The Basics
Author - Judson Cornwall
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Understand the foundation upon which Christian lives may be founded.
Give a reason for the faith we have embraced as Christians.
Understand and explain a broad concept of God’s Word.
Help others expand their grasp of basic Bible doctrines.
Read God’s Word with a better understanding.
Review for other Christians the truths that have brought them this far.

The late Dr. Judson Cornwall was a beloved, well-known and respected Bible teacher. A third-generation minister, he began preaching at the age of 7 during the Depression era and was later regarded as an apostle and pioneer. Dr. Cornwall ministered worldwide for more than 20 years, preaching, teaching, and training ministers and laity of various denominations. Three of his books, Let Us Worship, Elements of Worship, and Let Us Praise, are widely considered Christian classics.

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